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I became really interested in Real Estate as my best friend Dana was shopping for her house. HGTV has nothing on the thrill of the hunt for that perfect home. We learned a lot about contract and Real Estate law, but I was ultimately too busy to really help her. At the time, I was pregnant and working full time. My husband Leland had just joined the Sheriff’s Office, and was heading into the Academy. I didn’t think I had the extra time to devote to getting licensed, even though I spent my free time going to open houses and helping her look. Dana did (eventually) find a house, and kept pushing me to get my license. She joked that I was easier to work with, and I understood her level of crazy indecisiveness. Leland said “Do whatever makes you happy; otherwise you’re gonna be miserable.” 

In September, D submitted an offer on a short sale and I had my son via emergency c-section (It’s relevant, I promise.) I went from a planned 4 week leave, then 8 weeks part-time, to 10 weeks of ordered leave. D’s house went under contract, and we started learning everything we could about the escrow process. D called often to tell me I was never going back to work, and to just get my license. In November, Leland graduated the Academy, and we found out the final cost for child care. In short, it was more than I made every week, and there was no way I could go back. I wilted a little – I wasn’t the Stay-at-Home-Mom type. I needed chaos, and problem-solving, and earning. I’d done it since I was 16. 

The subject came up again. GET YOUR LICENSE. I talked to everyone I knew that was an agent. Some were discouraging “You won’t make it that first year with a baby.” Others were less grim, but still not positive “It’s a lot of time studying and learning for something that doesn’t reward right away. You might not make money until 2-3 years in.” I decided that I would do it anyways.I wanted to; and we were living just fine on my husband’s income. Ok, so there weren’t many outings, but we had everything we needed. I ran into Keesha one afternoon visiting my former co-workers. I decided to text her, because she always seemed busy and happy to be in Real Estate…. and here I am. Excited that I listened to everyone around me, elated that I get to spend the days with my baby, and ready to hunt down that perfect house for someone. I’ve got my dream “job”. 


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