Mathews County has a deep history rooted in the colonial days that date back to 1791 when it branched out of Gloucester County. Seaborne commerce, fishing and oyster farming are extremely important to the area. Mathews boasts some of the most beautiful waterfront properties in the country.




Gwynn's Island

New Point Comfort Lighthouse

Wolf Trap Light House

Holly Point Nature Park




Mathews High


The White Dog Bistro

Southwind Pizza

Richardson's Cafe

Mi Casa Azteca


VA-14, VA-611

County description

Mathews County is a gorgeous county that is rich in history and beauty. It is bordered to the north by Middlesex County, Gloucester County to the south and west, and juts out like a peninsula and is surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Mobjack Bay. 

Mathews County is an extremely quiet and family-oriented community that is comprised of the following neighborhoods: Mathews, Gwynn, Hudgins, Susan, North and Bavon.

The county features many beaches along the Chesapeake Bay, local art attractions and studios, and many places for nature lovers, history buffs, boaters and wanderers alike to enjoy.

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